3D Design/BIM Services

BIM Services (Building Information Modelling)

We are experts when it comes to BIM integration services in Ireland. Our professional and adept team have successfully handled numerous collaborations in different industries. We have always maintained transparency and accuracy in our 3d Scanning Building Services in Ireland. With our BIM Integration Services, architects/mechanical contractors can find it easy to plan, as well as efficiently design models and structures. You can trust our BIM services for supplying accurate 3D models for your next project. Since our 3D design BIM services are customized, clients can save on both costs & time.

3D Design

Whether it is a one off design for fabrication or the design of a Component/Assembly for the manufacture of thousands of the same product we can provide all the 3D design services to ensure your design can be brought to the manufacturing/fabrication process in the knowledge that all issues have been resolved in the prefabrication/design phase.

Fabrication/Prefabrication/Spool Drawings

2D and 3D fabrication/Prefabrication drawings can be tailored to each clients needs to allow them to be easily read and fabricated off site prior to installation, saving on-site costs, fabrication costs and the reduction in man hours spent on site.

Spool Drawings can be created to assist in the manufacturing of mechanical services to be installed on site. Once the mechanical services design has been finalised and approved we can then create spool and assembly drawings so that the transition to site install is as streamlined as possible.

Clash Detection Services

You can rely on us for professional clash detection services; this method is the process where by any services modelled within a structure can be checked to pre-empt any issues which may arise during the installation phase. We provide the client with the opportunity to do a full walkthrough of the structure, with all services in place, providing a detailed look at the building for access to valves, safety units and access to other necessary items. This provides a common knowledge between all parties during installation and fabrication.

Using the 3D Mechanical Services model, client walk throughs can also be done so that all aspects of the design can be viewed. These walk throughs provide a detailed look at any maintenance issues, access issues etc.. that can be resolved before the fabrication and installation has begun on site.

4D Construction Simulation

In this process, 3D components are assigned to a provided schedule. Once this process is complete, the customer can visually look at them on site within the model as the items are transported to site/ fabricated and installed on site. With this process, all possible issues during the construction/installation of a project can be avoided/solutions provided

This process is very helpful in the prevention of any issues which may arise as it is really visible in the 3D simulation. These issues can be anything from Cranes being on site at the correct times, inadequate set down space available or machinery waiting on site to be installed


If you require further information about any of our services, please do not hesitate to contact our team for more info.