Specialized in 2D CAD/Drafting Services

2D Design

A lot of companies are solely using 2d Cad Drafting Services to produce designs, which in today’s fast moving industry is slowly becoming obsolete due to the increasing reliability on the 3D design process. We can provide a service of both providing 2D autocad drawings for our clients and also the bulk updating of 2D drawings to 3D models in all formats and software required.

Sheet Metal Design

We can bring any idea from a concept stage right through to a fabrication phase using our vast experience gained in the Steel fabrication/Installation and Design Industry.

Also provided are design services for lasers, punch machines, plasma machines and press brakes using software such as Radan, Amada, Trumph amongst others.

Fabrication/Prefabrication/Spool Drawings

2D and 3D fabrication?Prefabrication drawings can be tailored to each slients needs to allow them to be easily read and fabricated off site prior to installation, saving of on-site costs, fabrication costs and the reduction in man hours spent on site.


2d Cad Drafting Services can be created to assist in the manufacturing of mechanical services to be installed on site. Once the mechanical services design has been finalized and approved us can then create spool and assembly drawings so that the transition to site install is as streamlined as possible.

Construction Document Management

We can manage the flow of information from the Design team to the personell that you require on-site i.e. project managers, foremen, fabricators etc.. This ensures that the correct Revision and the correct drawing is supplied to each individual for their related field of work. This process cuts down on the amount of wasted printing of drawings and the possibility of wrong revisions being sent out for fabrication.


If you require further information about any of our services, please do not hesitate to contact our team for more info.